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Welcome to PocketMatrix. PocketMatrix is dedicated to providing the best online community for mobile device developers and enthusiests. What's new?

Welcome to We've recently archived much of our old content in order to make the relevant content more accessible and easier to use. Our goal is to become a hub for cross-platform mobile developers. We currently host forums for several popular development libraries such as GapiDraw and EDGELIB. We have much more in the pipeline to make PocketMatrix a helpful resource for developers.

If you have any mobile development questions, be sure to make use of our forums.

If you're a developer looking for user support forum hosting for your game or app, please contact us.

I've been on the look-out for something like this for many years. How cool would a portable android powered gaming system built into and HDMI stick be? Think NES / SNES emulator in your pocket with a wireless bluetooth controller. This isn't windows mobile related, but I thought others might also be interested: ... sole-ever/

Over the past few months, Dan East and I have been working on rethinking what PocketMatrix is about. As a result, we've done some spring cleaning:

  • Pruned much of the old content away that wasn't being updated

  • Upgraded the forums to phpBB3

  • Archived inactive forums

  • Redesigned the site

  • Refocused the direction of the site towards the activity that still occurs here (ie. mobile development focused instead of no focus)

There are some exciting launches coming up with WM7, BlackBerry 6, and iPhone 4 on the horizon, so I'm sure we'll see things pick up here again.

While the site has traditionally been Windows Mobile focused in the past, with the cross-platform libraries that we host, we're hoping to expand our platform focus to include all popular development platforms. Feel free to start posting in the other platform forums.

If you have any additional suggestions or feedback on where you'd like to see the direction of the site go, please respond! We'd love to you hear your feedback.

We still have a few more exciting features we're looking on adding to the site, so it's not stopping here.

Thanks for your patience over the past few years! We welcome old members and new as we shift our focus.

Elements Interactive Mobile B.V. releases version 3.986 of multi-platform middleware solution EDGELIB which includes various improvements and fixes.

Version 3.986 adds a couple of improvements and fixes, including a function to display a "default" character when a character is not available in the current character set, a bugfix in the XML class which addresses stability issues, a faster socket cleanup of improving shutdown on iPhone, better compatibility in the PNG writer code and a fix for a memory leak in PowerVR textures.

This version also removes a "terminate" symbol in the JPEG decode, which Apple recognized as a call to a private API. Also the "const correctness" of several functions has been improved.

An evaluation version for non-commercial use can be downloaded for free from our website.

EDGELIB supports the development of 2D and 3D mobile applications and games for Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian S60, Symbian UIQ, GP2X, Gizmondo, Linux desktop and Windows desktop. Key features include true multi-platform development, high-performance 2D graphics, hardware accelerated 3D graphics through OpenGL ES, RGBA surfaces and both Bluetooth and TCP/IP networking.


Develant Technologies today announced the immediate availability of GapiDraw 4.2. GapiDraw is now fully compatible with the Windows Marketplace for Windows Mobile 6.5, and can be downloaded and purchased online at

For a limited time you can now save up to $500 on upgrades from GapiDraw 3. Find out more at

Price Model

GapiDraw is sold as a royalty free, all-platforms, perpetual site license. This means that:

* There are no royalty fees for using GapiDraw.
* You can create and sell as many applications as you want.
* You can use the license for as long as you want.
* You only need one license per company.

The price for a GapiDraw binary license is $995
The price for a GapiDraw source code license is $3.495
The price for upgrading a binary license to source code license is $2.495

GapiDraw 4.2 is a free upgrade for all current GapiDraw 4 users. Users of GapiDraw 3.5 and later can upgrade to GapiDraw 4.2 for 50% of the current price of GapiDraw 4.1.

About GapiDraw

GapiDraw is the leading graphics platform for Windows Mobile devices and has been used in hundreds of commercial games and applications, including major titles such as EverQuest for the Pocket PC by Sony Online Entertainment and Return to Mysterious Island by TetraEdge. Some of the major companies that have launched products based on GapiDraw include Nero, Nokia, Skype and Sony Online Entertainment. GapiDraw was awarded Best Graphic Library for Windows Mobile devices two years in a row by Pocket PC Magazine and has a strong developer community. GapiDraw is actively used in research, CAD/CAM, navigational tools, of course many mobile games. GapiDraw is available for immediate download and purchase at

About Develant Technologies

Develant Technologies AB is one of the leading providers of graphics platforms for Windows Mobile devices. Develant’s graphics platform GapiDraw has since its introduction in 2002 become the standard platform to use when creating applications with high demands for advanced graphics on Windows Mobile devices.