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Postby Paul » Jun 18, 2001 @ 5:32pm

yeah, how many ppc-specific viruses are there anyway?
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Re: $

Postby Moose or Chuck » Jun 18, 2001 @ 5:35pm

probably not many, cause most gay 'virus writers' now just write it in vbscript. and vbscript isnt  supported... i don't think :/
Moose or Chuck

Re: $

Postby Dan East » Jun 18, 2001 @ 5:42pm

Use a good symmetrical encryption algorithm like BlowFish to encrypt the device ID, using the device ID as the key.<br>One of the ultimate techniques would be to encrypt all of the level files with the device ID of the purchaser, but that would probably require too much processing and automation at the time-of-purchase.<br><br>Dan East
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