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First 3D touch-enabled product for content creators in games

First 3D touch-enabled product for content creators in games

Postby andie » Feb 17, 2005 @ 8:27pm

ClayTools(TM) system v1.0 for Discreet 3ds max(R) software - first 3D touch-enabled product designed to meet the needs of digital content creators in games and entertainment.

Next-generation tool for high-detail, organic modeling that fits within 3ds max software pipeline

Woburn, MA, February 17, 2005 - SensAble Technologies, Inc. announced today that version 1.0 of the ClayTools(TM) system for Discreet 3ds max software will be shipping in March 2005. Discreet is the media and entertainment division of Autodesk, Inc. This system, based on SensAble patented technology, delivers incredibly fast, unconstrained modeling for high-detail, organic models and touch-enables the powerful tools within 3ds max software. It is designed to meet the needs of digital content creators in the competitive games and entertainment industries who must create detailed, cinematic-quality content within demanding deadlines.

Unlike traditional modelers, the ClayTools system uses a virtual clay metaphor that removes the constraints of technical modeling, and offers unparalleled creative expression. The system offers a true 3D interface with force feedback. Users work faster than ever before because they use their sense of touch to model virtual clay just like real clay. The system is easy to use by accomplished 3ds max software artists, and cinematic and fine artists. Users can smudge, smooth, carve, and tug at models to rapidly create game content that is typically organic in nature-characters, faces, props, and scenery-that is challenging and time-consuming to achieve with traditional modeling tools.

"I've been in the CG industry for eight years," said Mike Brown, Senior Artist at Sammy Studios in Carlsbad, CA. "In that time I've used many different 3D tools. As a beta tester for the SensAble ClayTools system operating with Discreet 3ds max software, I found the product to be incredibly intuitive. Most 3D applications have a very steep learning curve but with ClayTools, I was able to start modeling in ten minutes. Not only was it easy to learn, but the workflow is exceptionally fast. They've taken my favorite tools in 3ds max software and augmented them with the sense of touch. The ClayTools system along with 3ds max allows me to be more creative and achieve better results in less time."

The ClayTools system includes the ClayTools virtual clay modeling application, the HapticExtender/MX plug-in, and the PHANTOM(R) Omni(TM) device. Using the ClayTools software, users can quickly create 3D concept models and high-resolution, detailed models. The high-res detail can then be captured and normal mapped onto low-res models for in-game use. The HapticExtender/MX adds the sense of touch with 3D navigation to the tools within 3ds max that gives users direct physical interaction such as using 3D gestures to define motion capture paths.

The ClayTools modeling application combined with the Haptic Extender/MX, gives users a versatile toolset that allows them to either start in 3ds max and then use the ClayTools application to add details or start by creating a high-detail model using the ClayTools application and then use a variety of techniques to derive a low-res model for texture-mapping.

"We're thrilled that SensAble chose 3ds max as the platform for their first 3D touch-enabled interface designed specifically for professional digital content creators. ClayTools provides valuable extended functionality for Discreet's 3ds max software," said Ken Pimentel, Partner Program Manager, Discreet. "Our customers are under intense pressure to deliver not only the most compelling 3D digital content, but content that matches the technical requirements of the target game platform. As the most installed professional 3D animation software in the world, Discreet 3ds max software gives artists the powerful tools they need. The ClayTools system complements 3ds max software for quick concept modeling along with detailed organic modeling, and fits within our customers' existing production pipelines."

See the ClayTools system at the Game Developers Conference, March 9-11
SensAble will be demonstrating the ClayTools system for 3ds max at the Game Developers Conference, March 9-11, 2005, Booth #661, Moscone West Convention Center, San Francisco. SensAble will also be demonstrating the ClayTools system for Rhinoceros(R) and a prototype of the ClayTools system for Maya(R). Additionally, a special ClayTools Sponsored Session at the Game Developers Conference on Thursday, March 10, 10:30-11:30 A.M., Room 2011, will feature 3ds max artists using the ClayTools system for 3ds max.

Availability and Pricing
The ClayTools system v1.0 for 3ds max supports versions 6 and 7 of the 3ds max software, and will begin shipping in March 2005. The U.S. M.S.R.P. for the ClayTools system is $2,795. SensAble customers who own a PHANTOM Omni device may purchase ClayTools system for 3ds max software only, U.S. M.S.R.P. $1,995. For more information or to purchase the ClayTools system v1.0 for 3ds max, please contact or +1-781-937-8315 or contact an authorized ClayTools Reseller.

About SensAble Technologies
With over 2,500 systems worldwide, SensAble Technologies, Inc.(R) is a leading provider of 3D touch-enabled digital solutions for product design, digital content creation, commercial software development, and academic and commercial research. At the core of SensAble(TM) products is the PHANTOM(R) line of haptic devices, which makes it possible for users to touch and manipulate virtual objects. Along with the ClayTools system for 3ds max, SensAble offers the FreeForm(R) systems for product design and haptic devices and toolkits for software application development. SensAble maintains headquarters in the United States and sales offices in Europe, Japan, and China. SensAble products are available through direct and reseller channels. Product and corporate information:

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