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New flash support in JTAG

PostPosted: Jul 10, 2006 @ 1:43pm
by Termas

I have Typhoon MyGuide 5500XL pocket PC with M-SYS Diskonchip G3 flash inside. Exact flash model would be: MD4832-d512-V3Q18-X. In their site ( I can find that chip specification. Everything is ok.
Then I have compiled jtag 0.5.1, connected to my pocket pc through WIGGLER cable, recognized processor. Left unsupported flash.
I would like to write JTAG support for this diskonchip g3 flash. As I understand I should write new file aka \jtag-0.5.1\libbrux\flash\diskonchip.c and to modify \jtag-0.5.1\libbrux\flash\jedec.c file.
But from where I should start? Which metods I should implement? How to programm flash interface according it's specification?
Give me some hints or something please. After wouldn't be a problem to add and share diskonchip g3 support in jtag.
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