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New version V9 of C# IDE Mobile

New version V9 of C# IDE Mobile

Postby Harvey » Sep 13, 2007 @ 4:47pm

New version V9 of C# IDE Mobile

C# IDE Mobile is an application (totally free) that I've developed to be able to develop with C#/.NET2CF directly on the Pocket PC-Windows Mobile 5/6 (it doesn't require the .NET SDK, you don't need a desktop computer).

You can download the new version at:

or from my personal page:

This new version mainly adds the following improvements:

- Fixed issue with declaring size of initialised array (like in "new int[2]{4,6};")
- It is no longer necessary to fully qualify locally declared class names (before you needed to write like "TestNS.MyClass" even if you were already in "TestNS")
- Fixed bug with logical operators on enum types (for example on button.Anchor = AnchorStyles.Bottom | AnchorStyles.Right);
- Manual casting is now supported. Usually, C# IDE Mobile auto casts when possible, but for example, in "int test = (int)AnchorStyles.Bottom" manual cast is necessary. Also, this avoids removing casts required in VS.
- Fixed bug with multiple "if"/"else if"/"else" structures
- "static" keyword now works for arrays and generics, also fixed a problem with indexed assignments
- Added support for nested classes (like System.Windows.Forms.ListView+SelectedIndexCollection)
- Added support for double type
- Improved comment and string parsing (to avoid "//" making a mess in strings)

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