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Other 3D Engines?

Other 3D Engines?

Postby Genoil » May 16, 2001 @ 2:41pm

Hi,<br><br>I'm new to anything with the Pocket in front of it, but would like to start developing some simple 3D game for PocketPC. I'm not the kind of human being suitable for actually writing a new 3D engine, but I got enough experience with using existing engines (Allegro, Genesis3D, WT GameDriver) Are any 3D engines in development for PPC or is the Quake source most close to it? <br>

Re: Other 3D Engines?

Postby Paul » May 16, 2001 @ 2:44pm

Theres some source code in a thread in the Developers section if you want to have a go at porting something
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