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Postby Magister Ludi » Jan 24, 2001 @ 7:04pm

999<br><br>great work on the 'great game' - it's really looking excellent<br><br>Re; your suggestion (on Brighthand) to leave thepak unGzipped - what's the command line for that - I can't get it to perform<br><br>Thanks
Magister Ludi

Re: unGzip

Postby 999 » Jan 25, 2001 @ 5:43pm

Dan East is actually the person responsible for Quake.  His programming prowess has accomplished the impossible. It's a great honor to take part in a Quake oriented project, as little as my input may have been.  Who doesn't love Quake!?!?<br><br>As for your question, are you asking how to UNgzip the file?  I'm using winzip myself.  In the "classic mode" i just double click the gz file and I can drag it's contents from the Winzip window to the desktop the extract it.  From there, just move the file back on to your iPAQ.<br>Last modification: 999 - 01/25/01 at 14:43:35
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