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Pocket Life (Excelent half-life mod)

Pocket Life (Excelent half-life mod)

Postby twolf » Dec 30, 2008 @ 10:07am


This is not mine, I just though I should post this here because its a great mod.
I'm using a altered version 0.70 optimized for the magician (Qtek S100).
I configured all the necessary files (and my keys on touch dual, this allows me to save the game and use all my keys on fullscreen (v0.62 doesnt save).

Also made a small (laggy) video preview.
It runs perfect on my 400mhz machine, but the software I use to make the video does a lot of frameskipping.

For the moment this mod still has a couple of bugs, like doesnt open some doors an so in some parts of the game you just have to use the console to continue.

Video preview:
Download (180mb):
Tested in: HTC Touch Dual
Compatibility: Wm2003/WM5/WM6, 400mhz recommended.
oficial site (of the MOD):
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