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A few 'which PPC for me' thread links

A few 'which PPC for me' thread links

Postby Menneisyys » Mar 29, 2005 @ 4:29pm

It's very hard to choose a decent PPC today, especially if you want to get a VGA PPC. All the recent VGA devices have some drawbacks, which may not be evident for some prospective buyers. Therefore, it's really recommended to read user opinions and discussions before going to buy a VGA PPC.

Below are some of the threads either comparing (mostly VGA) Pocket PC's or speaking of their common issues. Please note that these links are only from Pocket PC Thoughts, PocketMatrix and Brighthand. I'll also post some links from Pocket PC Magazine, Aximsite, Firstloox and iPAQHQ some time in the future.

One of the best reviews by Mobile Review
Compare All VGA Pocket PCs – technical data and specs
Which VGA PPC?
Comparative (screen) tests of VGA PDA's
which pocket pc is right for me?
Which is the current Pocket PC that has best battery life and the following features?
What is the best PDA for me?
Smallest VGA Handheld
Asus A730w Screen Refresh Rate...
Whats the best priced VGA PPC?
some questions for a730w users
How bad is your A730 battery?
What does a A730W battery score at 25% brightness?
Morphgear performance]A730W vs X50?
Which PDA Is Best For Me?
Should I buy ASUS A730?
FSC Pocket Loox 720
Battery Life Comparison
A730W vs. Loox 720 service in the US?
PDA Buyer's Guide Reviews The ASUS A730W
Which ppc should I buy?
Dell X50 vs Asus 730
Things I don't like about the A730W
ProPortable or MobilePlanet
The VGA Thread
Love my 4700, but next time, Dell
Poll:hx4700 or hx2755 ?
Poll:The hx4700 has problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The hx4700 has problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Touchpad- Did you get use to it, still hate or could you care less?
ctitanic is right! Today plugins out-4705 stability up!
Is the 4700 the best choice for me?
Can the 4700 play video?
from e805 to hx4705 vga questions
The hx4700 uses exactly the same screen tech than the F-S Pocket Loox 720!
VGA Screen Quality
Touchpad as bad as reviews suggest?
Goodbye 4700
Toshiba's pocket pc run is finally over
My Tale of my Toshiba e830 and Toshiba Service...
NO MORE SUPPORT from Toshiba!
e830 vs hx4700 display quality
Ok I did it... Bought a e830
e830 quality????
My New Asus A730
hx2750 vs Axim x50v vs ???
Advise on a new purchase
The HX4700 debate/issue
My first week with Toshiba E830
Which PDA has the sharpest display?
Questions from a newbie Compares VGA Pocket PCs
Tom's Hardware Guide Reviews the HP iPaq hx4700
When is next HP/Compag VGA model expected?
Pocketnow Reviews the Asus A730
e800 & betaplayer]can play VGA res at >1Mbps?
Best handheld for Ebook reading.
Which VGA PPC for DIVX/XVID playback, 640x300 at >1Mb/sec?
Games playable on x50v as-is or is the Gapi tweak required?
HP 2750 or Loox 718?
PocketTV v1.0.2 w/ Optimized VGA Support for Dell Axim x50v
New ROM Updates for the Dell Axim X50 and X50v
More Reasons to Drool Over the MDA IV
What Pocket PC to buy??! Willing to spend a max of 650$
Which PPC should I buy? $$$ not an issue.
Deciding between an iPAQ 4705 and an iPAQ 2755
Is the E800 any good?
PDAGold Reviews The Dell Axim X50v
HP v. Dell on price
Advice on a purchase
Which one to buy? So confusing!! H-E-L-P
Geekzone Reviews the Toshiba e830
Cnet Review the Asus MyPal A730W
[ Poll ] New poll with more options (replaces 2750 or 4700 poll). Which should I buy?
HP Planning Updated iPAQs?
best ppc for wife (on the cheap)?
TrustedReviews Looks at the Dell Axim X50v
Pocket PC Screen Quality Comparisons
Dell Axim X50v, Toshiba e830, Asus MyPal a730w, or Loox 720?
HP has no USB hosting, but is it possible?
Loox 720 Approved By FCC
I don't like the HP 4700
potential 4705 buyer
X50V very sssllloooowwwwww.........
IPAQ 4705 vs Dell X50v
Not that happy with my 720...
dell x50 vga screen? or just the x50v?
PDA Buyer's Guide Reviews ASUS's A730w
Why Many New Devices Are Coming with 128 MB Flash ROM and 64 MB of RAM
Are there compatibility problems with the hx4705?
Tom's Hardware Reviews the Dell Axim X50v
which VGA pocket PC
Sending my A730 back!
HP rx3715 Pre-purchase Advice Request
What's the best PDA with WiFi? A730, Loox 720 or HX4700?
Getting my x50v soon...
[ Poll ] VGA worth it?
when is the next wave of VGA PPCs
Asus A730W Nearing Availability
Dell X50v features query
A Strong Competitor]Asus MyPal A730 Reviewed
HP vs. DELL]Needs some final Help
Burn-in on Axim X50v screen!
Recomend PDA to buy Gfriend for Xmas...
Ready to buy an x50v
Which Pocket PC is best for internet?
Question on basic gaming/ebook reading on the 4700?
differences between the e830 and the e400?
PDAGOLD Takes on USB Host
Tekguru Review LOOX 720 – in Detail
Toshiba e830 Now Available in New Zealand
best pocket pc?
Browsing The Internet On Your Pocket PC
Loox 720 vs. the Axim X50v
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