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All Mobile Logic - Sudoku, Hashi and Hitori - save 30%

All Mobile Logic - Sudoku, Hashi and Hitori - save 30%

Postby hedge » Aug 15, 2008 @ 12:40am

All Mobile Logic - Sudoku, Hashi and Hitori - save 30% from


game includes all the features you expect to quickly solve a puzzle.
Sudoku - The objective is to fill a partially filled 9x9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of
the nine 3x3 boxes contains the digits from 1 to 9.
Hitori - Each cell contains a number. The goal is to paint out some cells so that there are no duplicate
numbers in any row or column.
Hashi - Also known as Hashiwokakero, Bridges, or Chopsticks. The goal is to connect all of the islands
into a single connected group by drawing a series of bridges between the islands All Mobile Logic
includes over 10,000 puzzles, each one carefully selected and sorted into 4 different skill levels. All
puzzles have one unique solution only and are human solvable, no brute force required.
Play three diffferent logic games: Sudoku, Hitori, and Hashi.
Intuitive grid traversal and input procedures: use the stylus or single hand control (no stylus).
Bundled with 10,000 puzzles to get you started, all logic solvable, no brute force required.
Enter your own puzzles with the built-in puzzle editor.
Each game has a built-in solver that will show you the steps needed to solve the puzzle.
Import Sudoku, Hashi, and Hitori puzzles and solve them on All Mobile Logic. All Mobile Logic will even
solve the puzzle and show you how to solve it.
Pen and pencil mode to indicate degree of confidence in solution.
Checking and revealing options.
Unlimited undo.
Shows detailed information for each puzzle, listing the solving techniques required to complete the
Extensive online help explaining the various solving techniques available.

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