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Construction Manager 2.5 - save 30%

Construction Manager 2.5 - save 30%

Postby hedge » Oct 16, 2008 @ 2:57am

Construction Manager 2.5 - save 30% from


In a dynamically changing economy, productivity management is the key to increased profitability. Fingertip Solutions introduces Construction Manager, a technological solution designed to help you handle your two top challenges: scheduling and deliverables management.

Construction Manager is not a generic project management software program or an expensive, overcomplicated desktop enterprise suite. Construction Manager combines Microsoft Windows and Pocket PC PDA technology into a simple, user-friendly tool that is easy on the pocketbook.

Construction Manager version 2.5 is currently available in Standard and Professional Editions. The Standard Edition is a robust product featuring Contractor, Deliverable, and Punch List management. It also tracks Contracts and Proposals for each project seamlessly. Our easy to use features such as, Cut, Copy, Paste, Archive and Restore allow projects to be reused which makes Construction Manager a best in breed product.

Professional Edition Features

Manage Contractors
- Track contact information including: phone, address, and e-mail address
- Assign the same contractors to multiple projects

Manage Deliverables
- Use our extensive Deliverables Lists to assign work to contractors
- Reuse Deliverables between projects with Cut, Copy, and Paste

Manage Punch List Items
- Control your Cost Margin by tracking your Punch List Items in detail
- Keep track of Punch List Items by Contractor or according to Customer

Archive and Restore Projects
- Archive a completed project for later use
- Restore a completed project to create a bid for similar work

Manage Contracts and Proposals
- Never struggle to find a Contract or Proposal fel again
- Attach any number of Contract or Proposal files to a project

- Customize any list in Construction Manager and use your own information
Customizable Lists:
- Deliverables
- Tasks
- Stages
- Priority
- Status

- Reports can be generated at the worksite and opened with Microsoft Word
- E-mail reports generated by contractors in the field
- Print reports to a variety of printers
- Utilize a rich set of reports for contractors on the go
Reports Including:
- Contact List Report
- Cost Margin Report
- Deliverable Priority Report
- Deliverable Schedule Report
- Deliverable Status Report
- Late Deliverables Report
- Punch List Priority Report
- Punch List Status Report

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