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Online Distribution Channels - Around the Globe

Online Distribution Channels - Around the Globe

Postby andie » Oct 19, 2004 @ 5:12pm

Online distribution channels can be a challenge and downright frustrating at times. However - with a little legwork and simple fact-finding, you can find a valuable solution to distribute your products worldwide.

Before partnering with any distribution channel, research the following:

1. What is their market share.

2. Who and what areas geographically do they target. "Demographics"

3. Do they provide localization services, if site is not in your spoken language. Is this a free service, if not, what are the fees.

4. What standard and special promotional services are provided or offered at no additional cost for listing on their site.

5. Commission structure.

6. How do they pay. Monthly, quarterly, wire transfer, paper a detailed accounting report included....Is their accounting department available for direct contact.

7. Hidden fees.

8. Do they require an exclusive agreement...What are the hidden terms in their developer contract...Termination policy.

9. Is their website and service developer/user/consumer friendly.

10. How in general does the consumer market view them. Reputation.

10.Overall how do they market themselves.

11.What other, if any, online distributors are they affiliated with….(be careful with this one – you would be surprised how many online distributors have their stores run by larger online distributors. Not saying this is a bad thing, but your commission structure will be affected, meaning less money in your pocket.)

12. Who is their direct contact/account representative, in regards to managing and promoting your products. Can they offer you a reference from other developers they represent.

……as you can see many factors should be considered before delving in head first.

Remember, you are your own boss, your own company. A distributor is there to offer a viable outlet, not run your business.

You must drive all sales activities, both within your own realm and with the distribution channels – phone calls, emails, requesting what other programs are available – your rep is your business partner in short – stay in contact on a regular weekly basis.

Ask who else within the company can offer you additional exposure – network - ask and you will receive. You have to stay on them.

Set the stage early to be taken seriously, be known as professional.

<Legal Ease:> Neither myself, PlanetSchnoogie and affiliated companies or make any claims or representation to any of the online distribution channels. Our intent is to provide this information only as a service and make no further representation as such. <End of legal ease/>.
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