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WCI Translator: English-Spanish for Mobile - save 30%

WCI Translator: English-Spanish for Mobile - save 30%

Postby hedge » May 20, 2010 @ 10:12am

WCI Translator: English-Spanish for Mobile - save 30% from


The WCI Language Translator is a true free-form sentence translator. Translate words, phrases and full sentences from English to Spanish or Spanish to English. The WCI translation technology produces high quality translation that is useful for most any language translation situations. A user inputs a sentence just as it would be spoken. The WCI software analyzes the sentence, translates it, then rearranges the words in the translated sentence to conform to the grammatical structure of the target language. The WCI foreign language translation technology supports a very large and comprehensive vocabulary. The WCI Translator is one of the only, if not the only, free-form translator for mobile devices that does NOT require an Internet connection. Try free online at Please provide comments and/or suggestions at our web site.

- Fast, high quality translations of free form text sentences.
- No Internet connection required.
- Text areas auto size to fit screen for efficient use of screen space.
- Special dialog for inserting international characters.
- Up to 250 characters or 76 words can be translated at a time.
- Save/Recall the Source and/or Target translation text.
- Copy/Paste the Source or Target translation text.
- Set your preferred language for all menus and Help.
- Set the font size of the Source and Target text.
- View the Help subsystem presented in HTML format.

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