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Flash Format - Storage Card Manager - save 30%

Flash Format - Storage Card Manager - save 30%

Postby hedge » Aug 22, 2010 @ 1:11am

Flash Format - Storage Card Manager - save 30% from


Verify, Repair, Format and AUTORUN your memory cards with Flash Format!
Flash Format is a full featured storage card management utility supporting all ATA and SD compliant storage devices, including Compact Flash cards, SD cards, Multimedia cards (MMC), MicroDrives, PCMCIA memory cards, SmartMedia, MemorySticks, etc.
With Flash Format you can get detailed information and statistics about your storage cards, including physical characteristics (FAT type, sectors, cluster, heads, cylinders, etc.) and analysis of file allocations (slack space).
Of course, you can also use Flash Format to perform integrity checks, repair allocation errors, and re-format storage cards to original conditions, wherever and whenever you need it. Furthermore, Flash Format lets you activate AutoRun on any storage card (without reformatting), so that your games, MP3 playlists, eBooks or PhotoAlbums can be automatically started at card insertion.

Supports all ATA compliant and SD compliant storage cards, including Compact Flash Cards, Secure Digital (SD) cards, Multimedia Cards (MMC) , SmartMedia cards, Memory Sticks, PCMCIA memory cards, and large capacity MicroDrives.
Runs as a Control Panel applet (accessible from "Start > Settings")
Automatic detection of card insertion and removal, so you can check, repair or format multiple cards easily, one after the other.
Provides detailed storage and file statistics (including FAT Type, slack space, heads, cylinders, sectors, clusters, etc.).
Detailed verification of card integrity and error reporting.
Detects and repairs allocation errors.
Supports multiple storage cards simultaneously.
Formatting features with selection of File System and clusters size.
FAT Backup option, to improve storage reliability.
Option to create "My Documents" folder when formatting.
Option to automatically restore InBox Attachments folder.
Compatibility option for Digital Cameras.
Automatically perform integrity check after formatting.
AutoRun feature: let's you automate the execution of specific files whenever a card is inserted (Pocket PC edition only).
Full install/uninstall support, with embedded software reset.

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