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GPS Sightfinder for Smartphone - save 30%

GPS Sightfinder for Smartphone - save 30%

Postby hedge » Sep 12, 2010 @ 12:33am

GPS Sightfinder for Smartphone - save 30% from


GPS SightFinder by Skylab Mobilesystems Ltd.
GPS SightFinder looks for sights, landmarks and other interesting places close to your current location.
Descriptive search results with thumbnail images link to the corresponding Wikipedia articles for detailed up-to-date information.
GPS SightFinder is a Windows Mobile application for Smartphones and PocketPCs with built-in GPS or a connected Bluetooth GPS device.
Based on the location reported by your GPS device it looks for all kinds of geographic objects: towns and villages, rivers and lakes, buildings, tourist sights and many more.
Search results are comfortably presented in a list along with their distance from your location and a short summary.
From there you can start browsing referenced Wikipedia articles for much more information on the sight of your choice.

Key features
GPS SightFinder works worldwide.
Search results can be sorted by name or by distance from your current location.
Thumbnail images are available for many sights and are diplayed with your search results.
GPS SightFinder is customizable: You can configure how and how many search results are displayed.
Since GPS SightFinder fetches text and pictures over the Internet from Wikipedia articles all information is always up-to-date. New geo-referenced articles are constantly added by the community.
Add geographical coordinates to your favorite Wikipedia article on local sights and they will soon appear in GPS SightFinder when you visit them. Impress your visiting friends with your knowledge on-site.

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