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CarryDVD For iPod - save 30%

CarryDVD For iPod - save 30%

Postby hedge » Sep 12, 2010 @ 12:37am

CarryDVD For iPod - save 30% from


We have thrown in some crazy features in CarryDVD! Interactive Video Cropping - Stop guessing how your final video will look! CarryDVD shows you in real time! Pop the DVD into the drive, click the "Open DVD" button, choose what screen size, quality and compression method you want in one single action. Don't worry ... it is easy to choose ... The better the quality the bigger the file. A simple rule of thumb is that a 320x240 sized picture, medium quality, running time of 100 minutes, the result should turn out to less than 128 Mega Bytes. Viewing the video is easy because for almost all devices, you can play the movie using the standard video player that is already on your device.

If something goes wrong half way through making your backup ... you suffer a blackout or one of your kids decides to poke that nice big green button ... no worries because CarryDVD is intelligent enough to watch out for these mishaps. Next time you start it up it will tell you about it and if you choose, it will continue from were it was rudely interrupted! (Please note that this feature is not available in the trial version)

Modify how the picture looks with the much improved Edit Tool Extract audio from music or comedy videos Capture From TV (requires hardware) Easy to change aspect ratio, apply pre-set clipping Cut out with one easy click parts from the begining and the end you do not want Quick preview to see how the video turns out (requires DirectX 9 which is most probably already on your machine anyway)Copy directly to device for PocketPC, Windows Mobile, Smartphone, PSP (with your own custom made thumbnails!) Copy directly to your favourite device manager such as for Palm Copy directly to memory stick on your PC ... no more fiddling ... organize your videos with the Video Manager which tells you the total size of the files you want to copy Support for sub-titles in any language available on DVD Multiple Language Support Enhanced Video monitor Video Part Editing Tool Interactive Screen Cropping Fast Scene Selector and Preview Multiple Speed allocation that has the potential to half compression times!! Use the hard drive to emulate a DVD drive for faster copying speeds! Check out the help menu to see all of CarryDVD's great features! Sound Booster Very Fast Skip Open individual files (certain limitations apply to the type of files) Limit play time to fit the size you want Skip the first amount of time so as to reduce the video size Special built in CarrySmarts that detect if the previous task did not complete successfully Enhance video for special DVDs of Television reproductions Split the output files into separate smaller pieces so that you can fit them into more than one memory stick Various formats available and with Microsoft's Windows Media Encoder downloadable from the Microsoft website you can add as many as you want. Please contact us for more details. Easy to use GUI interface with plenty of easy to follow tool tip help.
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